Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Wild Beast Masks

While learning about the art of Henri Matisse a group of my students created these Fauvist "wild beast" masks.  The kids created these masks over several days during a spring break art and drama camp.  I talked about how Henri Matisse led a group of artists who became known as the Fauves or Wild Beasts due to the use of bold colours and wild brushstrokes in their artworks.  Since the kids were involved in theatre I thought that creating masks would act as a nice bridge between both art and drama.

For our masks we used a template as the starting point since I had a ton in storage, but you could easily have each student create a basic mask out of card stock.  Due to time constrains we also used templates for the feathers/fur and the beaks/noses, tracing them onto construction paper.  We then used acrylic paints to add pattern and details to each part of the mask before layering and gluing all the pieces together.

The Final Artworks:

Masks For Kids

Wild Beast Mask Art Project For Kids

This artist was the only one who decided to add ears to her wild beast!

Art Intertwine - Mask Art Lesson For Kids

Art Intertwine Henri Matisse Wild Beast Mask

Animal Mask Art Lesson Project For Kids

Animal Mask For Kids

Art Intertwine Animal Masks Kids Can Make

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