Thursday, 15 October 2015

Monster Paintings

My younger students (ages 5-8) created these monster paintings as part of a unit on puppeteer Jim Henson.  For inspiration we looked at Henson's drawings of various creatures (in particular his bird-like frackles) that were later used as inspiration for the Jim Henson's City Critters.

The city critter figurines

We started with a basic step by step guide to assist in the creation of the drawings for their monsters.  When painting the kids used 3 values of one colour as a way to give their monsters a bit of dimensionality, something which is particularly visible on the spikes of the fur.

The Final Monsters:

Monster Paintings For Kids

tints and shades monster painting art lesson for kids

Jim Henson monster critter inspired acrylic painting art project for kids

tint and shades value art lesson, monster paintings

monster, creature acrylic paintings for kids

Art Intertwine, monster painting, art for kids

jim henson art lesson for kids


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