Monday, 15 June 2015

The Future Is Now! Amazing Minecraft with HoloLens Demo From E3

Check out the video below to see the awesome demo of Microsoft's HoloLens being used with Minecraft from their press conference today at E3.

Monday, 8 June 2015

Nebula Paintings

While going through old photos I found these of nebula paintings that I did with a group of younger students (ages 6-8).  Unlike the majority of my other posts, I decided to include the example artwork that I made along with those of the students.  This is because these paintings were one of those activities that didn't quite successfully go from idea to reality. 

The issue I found was with technique - getting kids to sponge their paint lightly to create a cloud-like appearance, and to layer their colours.  I also had a few instances of dragging the paint.  In retrospect this activity proved a bit frustrating for the younger students and would have been better suited for an older age group, who would have more patience and therefore be more successful with the sponge technique. 

 My Example

space art lesson for kids nebula paintings art intertwine

 The Students' Artworks

art lesson nebula painting for kids

 You can see the dragging of paint on the right side of this student's artwork.

outerspace art activity for kids nebula paintings

art intertwine - nebula paintings

outer space art activity lesson for kids

space art for kids

nebula painting art activity for kids

 In the artwork above you can see how this student had difficulty with layering different paint colours.

Nebula Paintings

What art lessons or activities have you tried where students struggled with a technique?


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