Monday, 24 November 2014

Leonardo Da Vinci Dragons Part 2

As promised, here are the dragon paintings that my older students (8-12) created while learning about the art of Leonardo Da Vinci.  I did the same step by step as with my younger group, but encouraged the kids to go beyond this create their own dragon images.  The end results are quite varied, and a few even created names for their dragons, such as Speckles and Charkle Don.

To view the paintings created by my younger students, click HERE.

art intertwine - Leonardo Da Vinci dragon painting

dragon painting art activity

This artist had a clear idea of her dragon right from the start.  
The end result is amazing and full of so much personality.

Leonardo Da Vinci inspired art lesson for kids

dragon painting art lesson for elementary kids from art intertwine

 The choice of this dragon's name 'Spots' is pretty obvious.

Dragon painting art lesson for kids

 This artist created a dragon that resembles a snake.  
I love the use of complimentary colours for the background.

Art Intertwine - Dragon Art
 Another dragon flying over the ocean.

Dragon art for kids - Art Intertwine

 The simple geometric style of this dragon turned out very cool.

Dragon Art for kids
I love this artist's idea of creating a two headed dragon.

Leonardo Da Vinci Art For Kids

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Monument Valley - Free Download!

Just a quick post.  For anyone who uses Android devices, Monument Valley is free today only for download from the Amazon app store.  If you haven't heard of Monument Valley before, it's a critically acclaimed puzzle video game where you make your way through levels that look akin to three dimensional M.C. Escher drawings.

Check out the trailer below to view the game's fantastic art style:

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Today's Artistic Inspiration - Gordon Smith

Gordon Smith Winter Pond II 2002

Image Source:
Courtesy of Equinox Gallery, Photo: Scott Massey

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Art Activity - Primary Coloured Jellyfish

In addition to running my art camp last summer, I also stepped in one day a week to teach art with a general kids camp.  This camp had weekly themes, such as the circus and the great outdoors.  For the underwater themed week I decided to have the kids create these painted jellyfish.  We used tempera paint in the primary colours to create up to 3 jellyfish.  I had the kids first paint a frown line for the umbrella top of the jellyfish, then 3 small smiles for the bottom to create the jellyfish's shape.

After painting the entire body, I demonstrated how to add a dot of paint and then water to create the tentacles, holding their paper up vertically and slowly moving it back and forth to create the wavy lines.  The kids loved this, there were lots of oohhs and ahhhs as if I was performing a magic trick.  To finish off their jellyfish paintings the kids added splatter bubbles.  The end results turned out fantastic, and more importantly the kids really enjoyed the process.

Art Intertwine - Jellyfish

Jellyfish Art For Kids
Like this artist who wanted to create a red, yellowish, and orange jellyfish instead, you could have students use primary colours to create 2 of their jellyfish, and then mix them to create a third secondary colour for their last jellyfish.

Art Activity For Kids - Jellyfish

Jellyfish Art For Kids - Art Intertwine

Primary Color Art Activity For Kids - Jellyfish

Friday, 7 November 2014

Art Fun For Fridays - Ric Rococo: International Art Thief

In Ric Rococo: International Art Thief, you play as the titular character working with your partner in crime (Nancy) to steal famous artworks and use the money you get from selling them to spruce up your secret art thief hideout.  The game consists of 10 increasingly difficult levels divided as galleries.  In each gallery hangs artworks that fit into a different artistic style such as Impressionism, or grouping such as British Painters.  A drawback to the game design is that you can't skip levels, so if students who have only learnt about Surrealism play, they'll need to go through a level on Impressionism first.  It could also take students awhile to get through the more difficult levels.  While playing you'll likely pay more attention to the game play than what paintings you pick up, however, the game makes up for this by having you scroll through the artworks you've acquired after attempting or completing a level.  Alternatively, teachers could assign students the quest to find one particular artwork in a gallery, rather than focusing on beating the level, and then use that artwork for a more in depth class discussion.

click HERE to play Ric Rococo: International Art Thief

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Dress Like A Famous Artist/Artwork Contest

What time is it?  Why it's time to cast your vote in the Dress Like A Famous Artist/Artwork Contest! 

Head on over to Cassie Stephens blog to view all the entries, from Frida Kahlo, and Lichtenstein Ladies, to yours truly as Salvador Dali.  Once you've marvelled at all the artsy awesomeness (seriously, are art teachers not the best?!) make sure to click the box next to Heather Hyslop as Salvador Dali, and I guess other contestants if you have to.

And if you're looking for more Salvador Dali inspired art, check out these surrealist elephant and creature paintings my students created.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Art Activity - Dragon Paintings

My younger students (5-8) created these acrylic dragon paintings while learning about the art of Leonardo Da Vinci.  We also created dragon puppets to go along with their paintings, that you can check out HERE.  The kids started with a step by step to draw the dragons, and then created their own details to personalize their dragon. 

Leonardo Da Vinci Dragon Painting

Art Intertwine - Leonardo Da Vinci Dragon Painting
 Can you tell what this artist's favourite colour is?

Art Intertwine - Leonardo Da Vinci Art Activity
 This artist's large eyed dragon is surrounded by gemstones and diamonds.

Leonardo Da Vinci Art Activity For Kids

Art Intertwine - Dragon Painting Art Activity For Kids
 This artist added a small baby dragon at the bottom of the larger one.  I also love the mane of hair.

Art Activity For Kids - Dragon Paintings
 This artist also surrounded her dragon with a variety of jewels.

Art Intertwine - Dragon Painting For Kids
 I love the fire breath on this dragon.

Dragon Painting For Kids

 This artist really took to adding scales to his dragon.

Dragon Painting For Kids

Stay tuned for the dragons painted by my older students.

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