Monday, 24 November 2014

Leonardo Da Vinci Dragons Part 2

As promised, here are the dragon paintings that my older students (8-12) created while learning about the art of Leonardo Da Vinci.  I did the same step by step as with my younger group, but encouraged the kids to go beyond this create their own dragon images.  The end results are quite varied, and a few even created names for their dragons, such as Speckles and Charkle Don.

To view the paintings created by my younger students, click HERE.

art intertwine - Leonardo Da Vinci dragon painting

dragon painting art activity

This artist had a clear idea of her dragon right from the start.  
The end result is amazing and full of so much personality.

Leonardo Da Vinci inspired art lesson for kids

dragon painting art lesson for elementary kids from art intertwine

 The choice of this dragon's name 'Spots' is pretty obvious.

Dragon painting art lesson for kids

 This artist created a dragon that resembles a snake.  
I love the use of complimentary colours for the background.

Art Intertwine - Dragon Art
 Another dragon flying over the ocean.

Dragon art for kids - Art Intertwine

 The simple geometric style of this dragon turned out very cool.

Dragon Art for kids
I love this artist's idea of creating a two headed dragon.

Leonardo Da Vinci Art For Kids


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  2. Amazing idea of making two headed dragon, I had never seen this type of painting earlier. Can I also do Aboriginal Art ? It seems doing art work is really difficult. Can you share some tips about art? The pictures you shared are cute actually.


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