Friday, 7 November 2014

Art Fun For Fridays - Ric Rococo: International Art Thief

In Ric Rococo: International Art Thief, you play as the titular character working with your partner in crime (Nancy) to steal famous artworks and use the money you get from selling them to spruce up your secret art thief hideout.  The game consists of 10 increasingly difficult levels divided as galleries.  In each gallery hangs artworks that fit into a different artistic style such as Impressionism, or grouping such as British Painters.  A drawback to the game design is that you can't skip levels, so if students who have only learnt about Surrealism play, they'll need to go through a level on Impressionism first.  It could also take students awhile to get through the more difficult levels.  While playing you'll likely pay more attention to the game play than what paintings you pick up, however, the game makes up for this by having you scroll through the artworks you've acquired after attempting or completing a level.  Alternatively, teachers could assign students the quest to find one particular artwork in a gallery, rather than focusing on beating the level, and then use that artwork for a more in depth class discussion.

click HERE to play Ric Rococo: International Art Thief


  1. Whoa! I never knew such a game existed, thanks for sharing.


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