Monday, 22 September 2014

Mile High Watercolour Ice Cream Cones

My younger students made these watercolour ice cream cones while learning about the art of Wayne Thiebaud.  Using a template the kids created their ice cream towers, with most adding a cherry on top as the finishing touch.  The kids then picked their ice cream flavours, thinking about what colours would work best for each flavour. 

The kids used watercolours in tubes, and I gave them only a small amount of each colour, so that their resulting artworks would have areas of light and dark.  Once dry, the kids used black sharpies to finish their ice cream cones, outlining and in some cases adding waffle cone detailing.

Art Intertwine - Watercolour Ice Cream Cones

Wayne Thiebaud Ice Cream Cones

Wayne Thiebaud Ice Cream Cone Art Activity For Kids

Wayne Thiebaud Ice Cream Cones - Art Intertwine

Art Intertwine - Watercolour Ice Cream Cones Art Activity For Kids

 This artist did a classic combo of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry

Art Intertwine - Wayne Thiebaud Art For Kids

Wayne Thiebaud Art For Kids

This artist included my favourite ice cream flavour- orange and black licorice tiger stripe!

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Charles Demuth Inspired Precisionist Cityscapes

One of my favourite painting activities to do with my students are these cityscapes inspired by the art of Charles Demuth.  We started by drawing the industrial cityscape, complete with smokestacks (which led to a discussion of just what exactly is a smokestack) before applying our first paint colours.  To get the hard-edged style of Demuth's cityscapes, I then had the students use masking tape to break up the scene, before painting the entire cityscape again in darker colours.  This layering of colour was a great way to introduce the concept of value, and the kids loved peeling off the tape to reveal the end result.


 Our Inspiration Artist:
 Charles Demuth, Self Portrait, 1907

Examples of Demuth's Artworks:

Charles Demuth, Aucassiu and Nicolette, 1921

Charles Demuth, From the Garden of the Chateau, 1921-25

These are just a few of the paintings created by some of my older elementary students:

Charles Demuth Precisionist City - Art Intertwine

city art activity for kids

Demuth cityscape painting activity - art intertwine

Art Intertwine - Demuth Cityscapes for kids

Art Intertwine - Cityscape Painting for kids

Monday, 15 September 2014

Happy International Dot Day!

Hope everyone is having an awesome time making their mark today.  
For more info on international dot day click HERE.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

More Dali Elephants & Surrealist Creatures

Here's the rest of the long legged elephants that my students created while learning about the art of Salvador Dali.  For info on how the students created these artworks and to see more examples click HERE.

Art Intertwine - Dali Elephants

I love that this elephant is riding a surfboard, and wearing a cape!

Art Intertwine - Dali Elephants

Art Intertwine - Dali Elephants

Art Intertwine - Dali Elephants

Art Intertwine - Dali Elephants

Art Intertwine - Dali Elephants

Art Intertwine - Dali Elephants

This artist created a very cool winged creature with not only long legs, but a tiny head on an enormous body.

Art Intertwine - Dali Elephants


Art Intertwine - Dali Elephants

This artist wasn't keen on creating an animal with long legs and instead decided to paint a giraffe floating on a flower.  I love the end result which reminds me of another of Dali's artworks, Meditative Rose.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

End of Summer 2014!

Whew!  September is here and I made it through another summer.  While most teachers are winding down for the summer, this is my busy time of the year where I teach week long art camps.  This year I had registration for every week, so I've been a bit preoccupied (hence my disappearing act since June).  With the summer now officially over and with the current teacher strike in BC I now have time to organize, sort through projects, and reflect on all the awesomeness that was this summer's art camps.

Just to give a quick preview, I decided to make these multi-coloured crayons as a take-away prize for my art campers this year.  These turned out so well, and I especially loved the copper and silver ones (3 in from the right and 5 down) .  Hope everyone had an awesome summer and are enjoying the start of the school year.

Art Intertwine - Homemade Multi-Colored Crayons

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