Tuesday, 2 September 2014

End of Summer 2014!

Whew!  September is here and I made it through another summer.  While most teachers are winding down for the summer, this is my busy time of the year where I teach week long art camps.  This year I had registration for every week, so I've been a bit preoccupied (hence my disappearing act since June).  With the summer now officially over and with the current teacher strike in BC I now have time to organize, sort through projects, and reflect on all the awesomeness that was this summer's art camps.

Just to give a quick preview, I decided to make these multi-coloured crayons as a take-away prize for my art campers this year.  These turned out so well, and I especially loved the copper and silver ones (3 in from the right and 5 down) .  Hope everyone had an awesome summer and are enjoying the start of the school year.

Art Intertwine - Homemade Multi-Colored Crayons

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