Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Watercolor Giraffes - The Final Artworks!

In a few previous posts I've outlined the process my drawing and watercolour class has gone through to create their giraffe artworks.  To follow along with each stage click on the links below:

Adding Pattern & Watercolour To the Giraffes

Watercolour Techniques

Drawing the Giraffes

Our final step was to create the background effect.  We started with a white oil pastel resist with a single colour wash over top.  The kids could create any pattern they wished with the oil pastel, however a number of them incorporated hearts into their designs.  The group also did a final outline of their giraffes in black pen.

Art Intertwine Watercolor For Kids

Watercolor Art Lesson or Project For Kids

Watercolor Giraffe For Kids

Watercolor Giraffe Art For Kids

Watercolor Project For Kids

Giraffe Art For Kids

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