Thursday, 30 April 2015

Colour Cubbies! Countdown to Summer Art Camps Begins

Even though it's only April I have started thinking about and planning for my summer art camps deciding what projects to do, what supplies I need to order, and how to organize my art room.  Last year about midway through the summer I had the brilliant idea to give each student a coloured cubby box to store all their drawings and other free time artworks.  My art room space is limited so I needed something that I could hang on the walls.  I also wanted something I could make due to my budget.  Well the kids loved them and with small groups this was fairly easy to do and definitely kept paper artworks organized.

This year I went a step further, making each cubby sturdier and easier to clean off from messy hands so that they should last the entire summer and hopefully into Fall. 

What brilliant organization solutions have you had?  Were they homemade or store bought?

my colour cubbies!

diy colored storage boxes classroom artroom organization

Just a few more and I'll have one item done and ready to go for this summer!

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