Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Andrew Holder Inspired Penguin Paintings

This year my after school art class has been learning about contemporary artists who are alive and working today.  My last group of kids looked at the art of Andrew Holder.  We focused on Holder's work as an illustrator, and in particular we drew inspiration from his untitled penguin filled artwork below.

Our Inspiration:

I chose this artwork as our focus since it provided a nice way to introduce warm and cool colours, as well as how to create a wash of colour.

For their artworks, we started with painting two colour washes - a warm colour for the sky and a cool colour for the water.  Once the paintings had dried we then drew the icebergs and penguins.  I did a step by step with the group for some of the penguins and the basic shape of the icebergs before having the kids divide their icebergs up into grids. We then did another round of warm and cool colours for the icebergs, and black and white for the penguins.  Since this was my younger group (6-8) some of the kids had difficulty outlining, but overall they did a great job.

The Final Artworks:

Penguin Art Activity For Kids Warm And Cool Colors

Art Intertwine - Penguin Art For Kids

Penguin Art Lesson For Kids

Andrew Holder Inspired Penguin Art For Kids

You can view more of Andrew Holder's works by visiting his WEBSITE.

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