Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Andy Warhol Monoprint Soup Cans Part 2

I previously posted the Warhol inspired blotted line monoprints that my younger students created.  Today I'd like to share those made by my older students (8-12).  After doing this lesson with my younger students I realized that they needed to paint the soup cans larger in order to create enough room to write the labels.  The kids did a great job creating the monoprints, as well as using colour to differentiate their two artworks.

I also had them use the colours of their choice for the soup can labels.  Like those of my younger students, there were mixed results.  One alternative that I was quite pleased with was writing the labels in white, since it really pops (pun intended!) against the bright colours.

Art Intertwine - Andy Warhol Soup Cans

Monoprinting For Kids

 This student's decision to create yummy raw sewage soup was hilarious.

Andy Warhol Inspired Monoprints

Art Intertwine - Andy Warhol Inspired Monoprints

There were a number of students who, like Jane, added dots to their soup cans.  I also like how she turned the centre dot into a mini 'magic' label.

Art Intertwine - Andy Warhol Soup Can Monoprints

Unfortunately, this student was away on the final day when the class added the labels, however I really like the addition of vertical stripes to their background.

Andy Warhol Soup Cans For Kids

 This student created soup for their pet cat after learning that Andy Warhol had 25!

Andy Warhol Art Activity For Kids

These soup cans provide an nice opportunity to see the difference between black and white labels.

Art Intertwine - Andy Warhol Art Activity For Kids

Andy Warhol Soup Can Art Activity For Kids

Andy Warhol Soup Can Monoprint

This student's use of Pokemon colours for his soup can has me thinking that by picking labels first the kids could choose colours to match rather than arbitrary ones.

Art Intertwine - Pop Art For Kids

Art Intertwine - Pop Art For Kids

This student created an extra monoprint, turning the can of bear soup into an actual bear!

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