Friday, 9 January 2015

Art Fun For Fridays - Way of the Tangram

There are a few online tangram puzzle games out there, but I picked Way of the Tangram because it places the puzzles into a more fully developed video game.  If you are unfamiliar with tangram, it is a Chinese puzzle made of 7 shapes (1 rectangle, 1 parallelogram, 2 large right triangles, 1 medium right triangle, and 2 small right triangles) which are used together to create a variety of silhouette images.  The goal of the tangram puzzle is to use all 7 pieces, while not overlapping any of them, to create a particular shape. 

In Way of the Tangram you play as a Chinese girl Yan-Yan who solves 150 tangram puzzles to create the Old Great Puzzle and help Tanguy return to the land of Tangram.  I like that the game's Chinese theme is keeping with origins of the tangram puzzle, and the intro animation also adds to the overall style.  One complaint, however, is that the pieces are a bit sensitive and a slight overlap can cause a puzzle to appear unfinished, making the game more suitable for older students.

click HERE to play

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