Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Giraffe Drawings Part 2 - Adding Patterns & Watercolour

If you've been following along the past couple of weeks you know my drawing and watercolour class has been working on giraffe artworks.  We started with a step by step drawing guide HERE and then explored various watercolour techniques HERE.  Last class the group added patterned spots to the necks of their giraffes as well as watercolour to the entire giraffe.  As I noticed when the group experimented with watercolours, a few of the students still had trouble adding enough water to make the colours transparent.  Our final step will be to add watercolour and oil pastel to the backgrounds-stay tuned!

Art Intertwine - Watercolour Art For Kids

Watercolor art activity for kids

art intertwine - watercolor giraffes

watercolor pattern giraffe art for kids

kindergarten watercolour giraffe art activity

watercolor and patterned giraffe art lesson for elementary

 Some close ups of the patterned spots

watercolour and pattern art lessonwatercolor and patterned animal art lesson

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