Sunday, 15 February 2015

3D Doodle Pen

Check out this video of the 3Doodler, a pen that allows you to create three dimensional drawings using melted plastic.  It looks pretty amazing, so I'd love to hear if anyone has used this and if you think it's worth the $100+ price tag.


  1. My kids and I totally need this!! We would have so much fun with it. I think it's worth the $$, I guess, but I'd worry that I'd run out of those little plastic-y things and the pen would just sit around collecting dust. I think you also have to allow for a ton of waste while newbies are "experimenting" with the tool. But super cool! Thanks for sharing. Mrs. P @

    1. I agree, you would probably go through a ton of the plastic while learning how to use it, but I think that starting with templates might curb a lot of waste.


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