Saturday, 30 May 2015

POW! Roy Lichtenstein Inspired Action Word Reliefs

As part of their week long look at the artist Roy Lichtenstein my students created these construction paper action word reliefs.  For inspiration we looked at Lichtenstein's own reliefs such as Explosion I (below) as well as his Newsweek magazine cover.

The students started by choosing an action word and then making a silkscreen image of it.  The students pulled a few images onto light coloured construction paper before picking their favourite to use for the relief.  We built the reliefs up in 4 layers: the background colour, a large cloud or burst shape, their action word cut into another burst shape, and construction paper 'shrapnel'.  To give the reliefs a sense of depth we attached the action words using a small loop of paper.  The students did a fantastic job with a great deal of variety not only in their choice of action words but in their overall relief designs.

To view the other artworks that my students created during their Roy Lichtenstein unit click on the following links or check out my Art Lessons By Artist tab.

Our Inspiration:

The Final Artworks!

action word art lesson for kids

roy lichtenstein for kids paper relief art activity

I love the concentric cut out layers on this student's heart.

Roy Lichtenstein inspired art for kids explosion

A very cool variation on the paper shrapnel.

Roy Lichtenstein Pop Art actvity for kids

Roy Lichtenstein Pop Art Pow Action Word Art For Kids

Another successful variation: 
this student created a negative silkscreen image of their action word

Roy Lichtenstein Action Word Art Lesson For kids Silkscreening for kids

Awesome lightning bolts!

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