Thursday, 2 January 2014

Year In Review - My Top Ten Art Posts of 2013

Click below each picture to view my picks for the top posts of 2013.

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1.  Homemade Liquid Watercolours

My favourite homemade art supply recipe from 2013.  These watercolours inspired a bunch of different art activities last year.


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2. Picasso Guitars

This was an art lesson that I had amazing results with all ages of kids.

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3. Coloured Circles Sub Lesson

A super easy, keep in your back pocket, sub lesson

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4. Halloween Spider

A few days before Halloween I Macgyvered this baby together - the result was pure awesomeness.

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5. Bomomo

 A great online art 'game' to spark creativity.

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6. Sidewalk Paint

The kids had a blast making and using this last Summer.  I will definitely be using this again.

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7.  Doodle Giraffe

My favourite drawing that used my homemade liquid watercolours.

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8. Monet Animal Caricatures

Another great sub lesson, this time combining Art with French.

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9. Online Stickman

 Fantastic in its simplicity.

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 10. Artist Music Playlist

 Music+Art, what could be better?

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