Thursday, 3 December 2015

Colourful Chalk and Charcoal Zebras

My students created these colourful zebras using chalk pastels and charcoal.  We started by drawing the zebras with pencil before going over our lines with willow bark charcoal.  The kids the used chalk pastels in about 4 different colours blending the colours with their fingers ( a few kids wanted to make realistic looking zebras and so used white chalk pastel instead).  I also had the kids use their fingers to smudge the chalk pastel out for their zebra's mane. 

After they were done with the pastels the kids used compressed charcoal to fill in the black areas such as the stripes.  Finally the kids sprayed their drawings with hairspray to fix the charcoal and chalk.

The Artworks

zebra art activity for kids

animal drawing art activity for kids

art activity for kids pastels and charcoal

chalk pastel zebra

zebra art activity for kids

chalk pastel and charcoal art for kids

chalk pastel art activity for kids

zebra art for kids

how to draw a zebra chalk pastel art activity for kids

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