Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Heather Brown Inspired Sunset Paintings

Last week was the start of my summer art program.  My first group of students spent the week learning about the art of Hawaiian based artist Heather Brown. 

Brown is known for her surf art that celebrates the natural beauty of Hawaii. We looked at her artwork Juicy Sunset (below) for inspiration to create our own acrylic paintings.  This artwork offers a great opportunity to introduce students to warm and cool colour families, as well as colour mixing-something that's always a big hit with kids.

Our Inspiration:

Heather Brown, Juicy Sunset

The Students' Artworks

Heather Brown Inspired Art for kids

acrylic painting for kids warm and cool color landscape

warm and cool color art lesson for kids

art lesson for kids Heather Brown Hawaiian art landscape

ocean and sunset painting for kids

art activity for kids warm and cool color families color mixing

Heather Brown art for kids

Heather Brown Juicy Sunset art activity for kids

landscape acrylic painting ocean and sun

acrylic painting landscape lesson

Heather Brown inspired artwork for kids

warm and cool colour landscape art project for kids

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