Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Art Activity - Swirled Lollipops Made From Homemade Model Magic

Just a quick post to show one of the projects I made in my search for a homemade substitute to clay-in this case model magic.  I will be posting the recipe in the near future, but for now enjoy these whimsical lollipops.

Art Intertwine - Homemade Model Magic Lollipops

I was inspired to create these after seeing a post from The Elementary Art Room! .  I didn't have popsicle sticks at the time so instead I used a pencil and a felt marker to create the handles.  I would however use a popsicle stick in the future since I had to re-roll my lollipop after the marker end stuck out the back in my first attempt.  I also found that the lollipops cracked a little bit when they dried, but this wasn't a big deal since they stayed intact.   To colour the lollipops I used my homemade liquid watercolours which gave them a nice soft blended effect.

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