Sunday, 14 October 2012

Dr. Seuss Inspired Art Activity

This is an updated version of the Dr. Seuss One Fish Two Fish figurine lesson that I taught at a workshop last year.  Scroll through the photos for step by step instructions.

 For this project I used Sculpey III, a polymer clay that you can mold and then bake to harden

 To create a fish you will need: 1 small piece of white and 1 small piece of black for the eyes, and 1 large and 1 medium piece of the same color for the fish's body and fins.  
I used my favourite colour green.

To create the Eyes: Divide the piece of white sculpey into two flat circles. Repeat with the black sculpey and press it onto the white circles. 

For the Fins: Divide the medium sized piece of sculpey into two tear drop shapes. 

For the Body: Take the large piece of sculpey and make a curved L shape. 

To create the fish's tail use your thumb to divide one end of the body into two and then flatten each between the thumb and pointer finger.

 Use your thumb to create a mouth at the other end.

 The two tear drop shaped pieces will be the fish's other fins. Use your thumb's fingernail to create 3 lines.

Dr Suess Art Project for kids
 The Final Fish: Attach the side fins and eyes by pressing them onto the body.

Dr. Suess Fish
 To make your Dr. Seuss fish permanent bake it in an oven. 
 I found that 30 mins at 275 degrees on a cookie sheet worked well.
Make sure let your fish cool comnpletely before touching it.

Dr Suess Fish

 Be careful not to over bake your fish!  
This little guy ended up burning and getting small bubbles all over it-which actually looked pretty cool

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