Sunday, 24 June 2012

Mixed Media Mystery Art Activity

I found this activity on The Blooming Palette and thought I'd give it a try.  I really liked the freedom involved and the end result of my efforts.  I also think that this would be a great activity not only for use in the art classroom but for engaging those who think they don't have artistic talent.


The key to this activity is to allow students the freedom to interpret each step.

Step 1:
Start by taping around the edges of your paper to create a clean border at the end.  Then spill any liquid.  This could be paint, watercolour, even juice.  If you're doing this with students its important not to tell them what to pour or how to do it.  Let your page dry.

Step 2:
Add 3 pieces of masking tape in a linear pattern of your choice.

Step 3:
Find an organic object - in my case a banana-and use india ink to create a quick gesture  drawing.  This should take no more than 5 minutes.  The only restriction is that your drawing cannot be in the centre of the page. 

Step 4:
Now turn your page and create another gesture drawing of your object.  If you wish your second drawing can overlap the first one.

Step 5:
Once your second drawing is dry choose 3 different coloured oil pastels.  Next put one back and trade one with someone else/trade it for a new colour.  Use the oil pastels to create bold marks that define positive and negative space.

Step 6:
Use india ink again to create large areas of black that direct the viewer's eye to a focal point.

Step 7:
Remove the 3 pieces of tape but not the border pieces.  You now have 30 minutes to refine your piece with any of the materials you've used so far as well as white conte to correct areas that may be overly blackened.

Step 8:
Remove the tape on the edges and share the results as a class.

Art Intertwine-Mystery Art Activity
My Final Artwork!

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